1. FondsmanagerRunde, Dusseldorf, October 28, 2020 (AMPEGA)

11:00 am Arrival at the Industrie-Club
11:15 am Welcome and moderation by David Krahnenfeld

Next Session:

Cyrus Moriabadi, Chairman & Portfolio Manager, Martagon Family Office AG:
“Share-oriented investment with defensive qualities – active discount strategies convince even in a crisis year!”

Berndt Maisch, Senior Fund Manager, Tresides Asset Management GmbH:
“With successful and reliable dividend payers through the crisis – Proven dividend strategy with additional growth focus!”                       

Marc Siebel, Managing Director & Fund Manager, Peacock Capital GmbH:
“How to beat the market in the long term with second-line stocks – Attractive companies off the usual indices in special situations!”

14:00: Farewell and summary by André Heidecke


Tuesday 6 October 2020 / Time: 08.30-08.55am (CET)
Fund Buyer & Asset Owner Academy Breakfast Briefing – DACH FAMILY OFFICE SPECIAL

Exploring the role of asset allocation and fund selection in Corona times – „traditional managers” versus fund boutiques and the challenges for fund distribution in digital times! 

  • Moderator: Markus Hill, Managing Director, MH SERVICES 
  • Panelists: Marcel Müller, Managing Partner, Head of Portfolio Management,HQ TRUST (MFO – Frankfurt)
  • Martin Friedrich, Head of Economic and Market Research & Portfolio Manager,LANSDOWNE PARTNERS (SFO – Vienna)
  • Florian Schmitt, Managing Director, SLDV (SFO – Fulda)

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3. “Think and invest like an entrepreneur – Value Investing, Fund Boutiques & Family Offices”.

“The word crisis in Chinese is composed of two characters – one signifying danger and the other opportunity” (John F. Kennedy).

For 18 years, former strategy professor Dr. J. Carlos Jarillo (former Ph.D. student of Michael Porter and Harvard Research Associate) and his team have been managing equity funds at Strategic Investment Advisors Group (SIA). His latest book, “Strategic Logic – The Sources of Long-term Corporate Profitability” is considered by many executives to be the practice-oriented successor to Michael Porter’s classic “Competitive Strategy”.

“Strategic Investing” is thematically closely related to the way independent entrepreneurs think (ownership approach). Markus Hill will therefore speak about “Value Investing, Fund Boutiques and Independence” (USA formula) as well as initial feedback from the MH-Survey 2020 “Family Offices & Value Investing”. For years he has been observing and commenting on the development in the field of owner-managed, independent asset managers/family offices and the long-term horizon of investments.

This year, the entire investment committee and the partners of SIA will be on site: Prof. J. Carlos Jarillo, Alex Rauchenstein (CEO), Marcos Hernandez (CIO), and Urs Marti, moderator: Markus Hill.

“Think and invest like an entrepreneur” (topics)

  • Think and act like an entrepreneur
  • What is a good enterprise?
  • How do we evaluate a company?
  • Portfolio construction and lessons learned from 2008
  • Commodity stocks, still an undervalued investment theme
  • Value Investing with Values (“Sustainability”)

Event date / venue:

Thursday, 24 September 2020, from 11.30 to 14.00 h, Main Nizza (, Untermainkai 17, 60329 Frankfurt am Main

Strategic Investment Advisors Group (SIA, is a value boutique from Switzerland that has been successfully serving investors in Europe for many years. SIA maintains an intensive dialogue with its investors and value investment-oriented investors. Since 2015, the professional exchange of ideas has already been conducted intensively in Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich, and Hamburg. An interesting aspect of these meetings in previous years was the discussion of the concepts of mutual funds and private equity funds in the value investing segment and the classification of commodities as part of asset allocation. These and other points will be taken up again this year (“investment horizon”, Warren Buffett, etc.). Another aspect: Family offices and independent asset managers seemed particularly interested in learning more about the range of independent addresses in the value investing segment during the exchange of ideas at the time (“Diversification with brains”, MH-Survey 2020).

INQUIRIES ON THE TARGET GROUP OF EVENTS – Investor Event (“invitation only”), registration, presentation, and content: Markus Hill
0049 (0) 163 4616 179

Family offices, entrepreneurs, and high net worth individuals are currently dealing more intensively with the topic of commodities as an investment. Markus Hill spoke on behalf of FONDSBOUTIQUEN.DE with Urs Marti, Partner at SIA Funds AG, about the assessment of the market cycle in this real asset segment and about the investment behavior of various investor groups in the market. Additional topics in the discussion in the connections between value investing and investment in commodities as well as the current importance of sports and Hugo Stinnes (“Industrialist & Politician”).

Commodities, Value Investing, Family Offices and Hugo Stinnes (Interview – Urs Marti, SIA Funds)

4. SAVE THE DATE – Martin Friedrich, Lansdowne Partners Austria GmbH, October 15, 2020, Vienna, additional information to follow

Family offices and institutional investors think in long terms in the investment sector. Markus Hill spoke on behalf of FONDSBOUTIQUEN.DE with Martin Friedrich, Lansdowne Partners Austria GmbH, about topics such as strategic asset allocation and the selection of asset managers. The similarities and differences between the fields of activity of family offices and fund boutiques were also discussed, as well as previous experiences as a portfolio manager and last but not least the reference to an interesting book.

FUND BOUTIQUES & PRIVATE LABEL FUNDS: Family Offices, Strategic Asset Allocation & Asset Manager Selection (Interview – Martin Friedrich, Lansdowne Partners Austria GmbH)


Independent asset managers (fund boutiques) enjoy great popularity among private and institutional investors. Regardless of the respective asset class (shares, bonds, real estate, etc.) and product packaging (mutual funds, special funds, AIF), the strongly entrepreneurial asset managers score points through independence (U), specialization (S) and authenticity (A). In most cases there is no corporate affiliation, they concentrate on one or a few asset classes, they have skin-in-the-game: authenticity here means that many of these owner-managed houses start the funds (private label funds) with their own money and that the entrepreneurs (fund initiators) “burn” for their cause.

The independent site is happy to discuss the topics mentioned above and is grateful for input, ideas, and suggestions in this market segment. (

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